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LAYING THE TURF. 4 park employees lay turf at the front of a new fountain erected in honour of a multi-millionaire sponsor of an extensive rehabilitation of the park which has included the building of a large concert hall. They are unhappy about the commercial changes that have been made to the park and with the character and activities of the sponsor. Tomorrow there is to be a VIP opening celebration. From time to time they can hear A Midsummer Night’s Dream being performed in the Open Air Theatre in the park.

FACADE (earlier title: Fight to the Finish.) 1962, Edith Sitwell, 75 years old and in very poor health, is soon to attend the celebration of her life achievements at the Royal Festival Hall in London. She awaits a visit from her old enemy the now elderly Noel Coward). Received a rehearsed reading in 2007 with the title An Indian Summer at the Old Vic London, arranged by Chichester Festival Theatre and James Barber, Director of The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Guildford, featuring Penelope KeithComment from Michael Grandage / Donmar: ‘I enjoyed it a great deal – I hope you get it on somewhere as I’d love to see it.‘   Click to download EXTRACTSTHE FIGHT TO THE FINISH EXTRACTS

FITTING UP THE GENTLEMEN. Full length satirical comedy stage play.1973, Edward  Heath has just won the election from Harold Wilson, inflation is 8%, the unions are striking. The staff in the formal wear hire department of Webber and Son, West End of London Branch continue to fit out the gentlemen with outfits for Ascot and the Derby and with formal evening wear. A woman is brought in as manager of the department. As they discover, their world is fast changing. Click to download EXTRACTS: FITTING UP THE GENTLEMEN EXTRACTS

TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN. A farcical comedy about a corrupt Welsh County Councillor and magistrate and his family. The action takes place on Christmas day in the living room of Berwyn and Nerys Phillips house in Wales.

SISTERS. One Act Comedy for two middle age women. Click to download EXTRACTS:  SISTERS EXTRACTS

AN EVENING WITH JACK AND HARRY. A full length evening of 4 duologues. Jack and Harry, two old men, retired floor assistants at a Formal Wear Hire store in London’s West End, are in a pub. They tell of some of the people who used to frequent the Queen’s Arms pub in West London. An Evening with Jack and Harry was performed as a script-in-hand at 7.30 on 28th November 2011 by Actors and Writers London ( in the upstairs bar at The Polish  Centre, Hammersmith. Click to download: FULL LENGTH AN EVENING WITH JACK AND HARRY 3 DUOS

ANTHONY AND MONICA. A 20 minute Jack and Harry (two old men in a pub) duologue. Performed script-in-hand by Richard Ward  and Denys Graham at Actors and Writers London at the Polish Centre on Monday 21 March 2011. Director: Carolyn Pertwee.   Comment: ‘Owen’s fantastic work ranges from the entertaining to the poignant’ -Teresa Jennings (AWL) Click to download: ANTHONY AND MONICA

PETER AND TINA duologue one-act. Old Jack and Harry in a pub tell the ‘tragic’ story of Peter and his Polish wife Tina. Click to download: PETER AND TINA

Webber’s Formal Wear Hire department duologue one-act. Old Jack and Harry tell the story of their time at Webbers as floor assistants. Click to download: WEBBER’S FORMAL WEAR HIRE DEPARTMENT. WEBBERS FORMAL WEAR HIRE DEPARTMENT

SUNDAY AFTERNOON TEA. 8 minutes comedy performed with script-in-hand as part of the Showcase Evening at Actors and Writers London on 6th June 2011. Cast: Liz Felton, Elizabeth Graham, Hayward Morse. Click to download: SUNDAY AFTERNOON TEA

TELEVISION FILM: FACADE. 90 minute Screen on Two. BBCTV. Producer: Louis Marks. Director: Warris Hussein. To star: John Gielgud. The production pulled due to lack of American money. Click to download: FACADE